Potter’s Hands

Potter Manipulating Clay on Wheel


Hi Church Fam,

Because of the increased danger of public exposure to the coronavirus, we have decided to cancel our weekly Sunday worship service until further notice. This is to protect the most vulnerable among our church family from getting sick. Please check with your small group leaders to confirm if they will be meeting. Since we know very little about the extent of the spread of the virus, we feel that is it wise not to increase public exposure. Our worship service will be available online on our church website and our Facebook site. Check the site frequently for further updates. We will also have an audio cd of our worship service available at the church for anyone who does not have any online capabilities.

Above all, pray! Pray that God would give wisdom to our leaders on how best to respond to this crisis. Pray for those already infected by the disease. Pray that God would use each of us as agents of “shalom” promoting peace, unity and health in our community.

Please help us get this message out of all the members and attenders of New City Church!

The Lord be with you all!

Pastor Tim
Pastor Carl